Foreclosure Assistance

HRDC has a Foreclosure Intervention Counselor available to assist individuals who are facing foreclosure.

The Counselor can:

  • Help you understand where you are in the foreclosure process
  • Help you submit required paperwork and supporting documentation to the lender or servicer
  • Speak to the lender on your behalf
  • Refer you for legal assistance in the case that there is mediation needed.
  • Help you understand your workout options which includes:
    + Loan Modification
    + Forbearance
    + Repayment Plan

In the event that you can no longer afford your home don’t just walk away. We can also help you take the steps to return the house to the lender such as a short sale or deed-in-lieu and limit your liability for the expenses associated with the house. Call 301-783-1704 for information.