Ombudsman Program

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program was initiated in the early 1980s under the Older Americans Act and Maryland Law to improve the quality of care in nursing homes and long term care facilities. Long Term Care includes nursing homes, assisted living and extended care units.

Ombudsman are specially trained professionals who advocate for residents in the above named facilities. The program’s mission is to advocate for the legal rights of residents and help them control their own lives and maintain their personal dignity. Ombudsman receive and investigate allegations of violations of client rights and assist the resident, family and facility in resolving complaints related to quality of life and quality of care. The Ombudsman also provide educational training to facility staff in an effort to prevent abuse/neglect in the facilities. There is no fee for services that are provided by the Ombudsman Program.

Click here for information on Maryland Health Care Commission Consumer Guide To Long Term Care

For questions or concerns:
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