Rehab / Housing Program

HRDC has recently launched a rehabilitation/homeownership project. The purpose of this project is to provide a quality, affordable home ownership opportunity for a low- to moderate-income family in the City of Cumberland and increase major residential rehabilitation efforts in the City of Cumberland.

Houses in the identified low/moderate income areas of the City, primarily Virginia Ave Corridor, Chapel Hill West and Rolling Mill Neighborhood, will be the focus of this project. HRDC will gain ownership of an unoccupied dwelling, perform rehab/renovations to the house and sell the property to a qualified individual(s).

Terms and Conditions:

  • Property(ies) will be rehabilitated in compliance with all funding source guidelines;
  • Property(ies) will be sold at Fair Market value or near rehabilitation costs;
  • Property(ies) will be identified by HRDC;
  • Property(ies) will be sold to low to moderate income households (80% of state median income).
  • Eligible purchasers must complete the home buyer’s education program offered through Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services

Maryland Avenue House For Sale

For more information on the Rehab/Housing Program, call 301-783-1713.