HRDC, Human Resources Development Commission of Allegany County is a private, non profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the people it serves. It is HRDC’s mission to eliminate social and economic barriers to promote individual and community stability through services, advocacy and collaboration. HRDC, under the direction of its Board of Directors, designs, staffs, operates and assembles funding for a wide range of programs. These programs improve the lives of the young, the low-income, the elderly and those with disabilities in Allegany County, Maryland. When a need is identified, HRDC creates effective public-private partnerships to help people to help themselves.

HRDC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of program participants and representatives from all sectors of the community. Presently based at 125 Virginia Avenue in Cumberland, HRDC operates 32 programs from 16 different sites around the county. The organization employs over 170 people, utilizes a fleet of 35 vehicles and draws upon the services and skills of hundreds of volunteers and coordinates its services with many other agencies in the county.

HRDC administers its various programs with funds generated from over 30 different sources. The budget, over eleven million dollars, is funded through federal, state and local sources, client fees and in-kind contributions. HRDC programs reach 1 out of every 3 residents in Allegany County.

HRDC’s history reflects many benchmarks of achievement resulting from innovative programming, quality program management and service delivery. Discovering people’s talents, maximizing their potential, developing their skills and finding solutions for their needs is what HRDC does. The organization reaches out to help those in need, make Allegany County a better place to grow up, live and grow old.